Message from ASHIRION from Sirius Alpha, by Rodrigo Romo.

Hello my beloved children and brothers of the Earth,

I come once again to notify all the followers of this tool, that the time has come for a greater effort for you who are incarnated in the physical and astral materiality of your planet Earth, to develop a powerful field of transmutation in your planet and your homes.

As you know, the awakening of the Christic energy opposing forces are investing more and more energy and agents to animalize the humanity and to distort the true concepts of straight living, straight acting, straight thinking. And they are promoting in the psychic and astral fields millions of neural implants to cause the complete imbalance of common sense and sense of ridiculous, affecting not only the people on the political scenario, but also the business and technological segments, to prevent mankind from reaching its light in specific moments. One of those moments has been disclosed as the WAVE X (read more here), that represents a significant moment of your Sun’s energy projections to activate the intraterrestrial centers and Temples of the Masters, acting by resonance on the Quantum Leap of Consciousness. These changes and implants were designed to block both the Sun’s Waves X and the new electromagnetic field that is developing beyond the Earth’s frequency. With the objective to generate a senselessness effect on humankind in the coming years, creating more disruption and social conflicts.The problem is that humankind and the people affected will not realize their real situation and will act recklessly. 

In order to counterbalance this situation, the Archangel Aryel and his team will gather every Thursday, from 8/13/2015 on. The objective is to create along with the participants of this meditation network, the etheric temples and the ships involved a new field to block the harmful and negative radiation that is endangering the future stages of the humankind’s emotional and psychic quantum leap.

An ovoid wall will be built around your planet, with purification emission waves, frequencies, and activation of the spectrum of the Threefold Flame, to establish a link between 8 Hz and 13 Hz to remove neural implants and disable the frequencies of the Order of the Black Dragon’s rebel groups. The participants of the meditations on Thurdays along with their projections during other days of the week will enable them to go to the operational bases to start their records and dogma’s deactivation process, which have contributed to your planet’s incarnation slavery. Gradually, the information inserted in your DNA by Draconian and Anunakis’s rebels who have this hideous power to vampirize humanity will be neutralized.

This tool was allowed to be assembled in the current context, to help expand the World Peace Chain I have mentioned a few months ago, consequently destroying part of the nefarious programming that has taken place on the political scenario. The new frequency activated in your hearts during Thursday meditations will help align your soul’s fractals lost on parallel realities of the Earth and other planes related to different Federations and to the Galactic Alliance, which will start a decisive phase by contacting with their members lost in the flow of the Earth, who arrived on this planet and got themselves imprisoned within the games for power. The call back to space is official and each one must start their preparation detaching themselves from everyday life, in order to break the incarnation cycle inserted by compulsory religious dogmas.

The process of Ascension is available for all those who awaken their conscience and wish to leave the Earth’s cycle, freeing themselves from dogmas and religions that have imprisoned you in holograms of karma and suffering. The current political scenario is living within holograms created to further enslave humanity in the medieval era, extorting money and resources to the maximum, creating slavery and social suffering. The Draconians very well drafted these mechanisms, in order to make you believe and think – within the holograms – accepting everything as balanced and correct. This awareness shift will occur gradually and for many it has already happened, creating severe difficulties for those co-existing with other means.

When performing your meditation on Thursday, ask for the direct connection with the Archangel Aryel to initiate the new phase to support the Mahatma Columns, thus bringing a new level of energy, connecting with other Masters and Commanders, who have already been cited in the last statement about these meditations on Thursday.

Aryel’s hart chakra along with more than 700,000 ships and Merkabas will generated a network installed through your Mahatma Columns, establishing a new level of energy. This energy will eventually penetrate through you up to the Intraterrestrial Centers, passing through the heart of each meditating participant, creating an inter dimensional bridge with your other Fractals of Soul.

In this new work phase, most of the Galactic Alliance commanders, and others who belong to the Confederation, will join you, to proceed with the process of incarnational contracts and social entrapment mechanisms removal, acting over millions of people, who should have ascended a long time ago in your time.

There will be an energy field of activation aligning your subtle and terrestrial bodies with the cryogenic body, to establish the memory reactivation and removing incarnational holographic contracts, generating the awakening of each incarnated soul. The external radiation emitted by the Milky Way’s core is a mechanism for this awakening, necessary to sustain the changes that must occur in your planet and within human consciousness, causing inner movements, so they can become external by resonance effect.

Each one of you who is reading this notification will eventually expand and multiply the same on the astral plane and later on the physical plane as you realize the inner call and the changes manifestation. The larger the number of people joining in the aim for planetary pacification, the lower will be the pain caused by future changes that will occur in the next few years. There will be the irreversible appearance of new stars considered unreal, to climate and geological changes, which are part of the planet’s adjustments to support the new phases of your Solar System’s vibration changes, which will also be affected by the stars’ gravitational field not disclosed by NASA yet. Each of you will be a receiving antenna and wave propagation of mankind’s purification awakening, which includes Wave X and other radiation that are intensely active starting next September 2015, activating neurological centers of all life forms on your planet, not only the physical plane but also other dimensions and parallel realities.

We are not referring to the Apocalypse, but to the changes required to dismantle the parameters and protocols of the Black Dragon’s Order acting over human social structure and their mechanisms of control. Gradually, without sudden changes, the true inner awakening will start, which has in fact taken too long, for the simple fact that humankind seeks outside, in others, instead of seeking within, wasting time on holograms created by the Sinister Secret Government.

Therefore, my children and friends, we will be together from this day 8/13/2015 on, between 8:00 to 11:00 p.m. working together to multiply the energy waves of pacification and planetary transmutation. To help create a new and more powerful network to overcome the new levels of energy and social issues that must start their mechanisms already in September, aiming to unbalance the civilization. However, they will be necessary to break several paradigms of imprisonment.

I am in your heart’s peace working for the planet’s harmonization.

I am ASHIRION from the Board of Sirius Alpha.

Rodrigo Romo, 8/10/2015 São Paulo, SP Brazil.

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