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This material is based on a study found on the YouTube channel “Caminando el Sendero” (Walking the Path in Spanish) titled “The Annunaki Saga”. What I did was get the excellent work done on the videos, translate, correct, update and supplement the information based on the most recent studies on the topics covered. We follow the same logic, we will divide in chapters to facilitate. Cassiana Debiasi, a Brazilian woman, posted videos with the translations of the same work in Portuguese on her YouTube channel – the difference, as I said, are my updates and complements.

This material from the “Annunaki Saga” was based on the studies and publications of Rodrigo Romo, a Chilean who is one of the main spiritualist names in Latin America, and besides updating based on him, we also use references from people like Corey Goode, David Wilcock, all material from, David Ike, Robson Pinheiro (Brazilian medium), Dr. Steven Greer, Helio Couto (Brazilian spiritualist) among others so that the subject covered is as clear as possible.

This saga speaks of the creation of the universe from the big bang, through the creation of different worlds and civilizations but focusing on earth history, using when possible the current knowledge of humanity in quantum physics, aiming to think the existence not only of the universe as we conceive today more the existence of multiverses.

The best way to understand this concept is to think that universes behave like soap bubbles in a foam of thousands of soap bubbles, where each bubble is a universe. The moment you reach a critical mass, a new creative proposition emerges, a new universe driven to this universal creative force where the collective consciousness and this collective consciousness is “God”, at its highest expression, pure energy of creative love.

Here we go.

At the beginning of our universe life existed only on spiritual levels, located in the highest dimensions where the Voronandeck, or creators of universes – in a simple definition for now – habit, coming from other mature universes.

There was a spiritual Big Bang before the material Big Bang (with the formation of the current baryonic, physical matter) – which was not only one but several expansions / explosions. For us it is difficult to understand and we also tend to believe that life is limited by matter, and just the opposite: consciousness is really the foundation of all life.


So there was first life on supra-physical levels where creative consciousness was channeled into great chunks, huge stretches of “God”. The beings who co-create these consciousnesses are called “Paradisiacal Sons” and their primordial creations, these “pieces of God” are the Supra Monads.

Thus, we have the Voronandeks, responsible for the creation of this new universe and the Paradise Sons, responsible for the co-creation of the consciences together with the Creative source, God or Quantic Vacuum or whatever you want to call it.

Supra Monads are created in a dimension that we can consider as 40D for now to use as reference. Just to get an idea, it is said that our reality is in 3D, but actually we are in 4D (Height, width, depth and density).

Continuing with the process of cooling down of our then recent universe after the primordial explosions, the baryonic matter was consolidating – densifying (high to low dimensions). Thus, atoms formed the particles, particles the various substances in the universe and so it goes – such as the formation of dark energy and dark matter that occupy 80% of our universe, until we arrive at the densest formation of galaxies, stars, solar systems, planets and all that we can see and touch in our world.

As the denser matter was being formed, also on the conscientious side the denser beings were formed. Thus, the supra-monads were adapting and reaching a density close to 30D. From then on, they began to unfold in monads.

Monads are supra-monad fractals that manage to penetrate into denser dimensions and carry with them temporally independent consciousnesses of the supra-monad (though they form part of it and this connection exists) and carry each of the theoretical knowledge of their ” mother”. Each supra-monad can be divided from 12 to 144 monads according to its need and choice.


The monad can reach a range of up to 20D. Remembering that the smaller the “D” (density), the denser the matter. From then on, each monad can unfold from 12 to 144 I AM according to its need. Each I AM carries the theoretical information and also the acquired experience of its monads and supra-monads in densities above 20D.

The I AM is able to acquire experiences until approximately 12D, where from there it can unfold in 12 to 144 souls according to its necessity. Souls have their experience up to about 7D where they must fragment into soul fractals, which can reach all the dimensions below, including 3D (or 4D) where we are. Otherwise, for example, if a soul were to engage in a body below that density, it would surely kill it because the low-density body does not support the high energetic degree of the soul.

Therefore, we are all fractals of a soul, which we have from 12 to 144 pairs that help to form our soul, which has 12 to 144 “twin” souls which help form our I AM, which has 12 144 pairs which form our monad, which has 12 to 144 pairs that help form our super-monad.

The way back to our reality from soul fractal to supra-monad is what we all, terrestrial and non-terrestrial throughout the universe, are meant to do sooner or later. There is no escape from the “evolutionary” process, whatever time it takes.

When the supra-monad is created it receives all the information and experiences of its “parents”, the Paradisiacal Sons, as we mentioned. They also receive a goal, so they have a reason for being created and a mission. They choose to have or not experiences in the dimensions below in order to be co-creators like their parents when the whole goal is complete.

As the Supra Monads were being created by various Paradise Sons and were receiving various information and goals of existence, they were dividing and populating the densest worlds. At that moment, these Evangelical Sons – as they are called in the Urantia Book – realized that they could create biological life in these new materials and the first material life form were the insectoid beings, given the harsh environmental conditions of the primitive worlds of our universe .

They were insects of the simplest that gradually were reaching intelligent life form, until creating authentic colonies of insects. Even in degrees still quite basic development, in a second phase, they formed Avians (birds) and then the reptilian life, derived from the insectoid. The reptilians settle into the constellation of Draco.


The first reptilian races were the winged dragons, which were an ethereal race of the fifth dimension. They breathed in methane and as a normal process of their bodies, they breathed out fire through their nostrils because of the reactive chemicals. That’s the start of the famous legend of winged dragons spitting fire.

We will see later that winged dragoons were very important in the creation and development of our world.

As the dragoons were 5D or astral plane as we know (remember, we are in 4D today), their nature allowed them to move through space arriving and setting in the region of the Orion constellation (especially in Rigel), where there are many young and energetic stars and draconian peoples proliferated and diversified into distinct reptile races, through normal evolution over time and also of genetic experiences.

In these processes of adaptation to the different environments and worlds and also in the several genetic projects that were appearing according to the advance of each civilization, several new races arose (including the mammals, like the Felines – giant humanoid tigers) but some also were brought of other universes.


On Vega’s star in the constellation of Lyra appeared the first Adamic race (human) in our local universe, through a new project where they worked together the Elohim (cosmic engineers), the feline race, among others. This human race had already developed very successfully in other universes and it was time to bring it to ours as well. Thus, the first human being of our universe was developed, where the being we know as Jesus Christ was the first to inhabit a body.

Christ at the time vibrated in a dimension from 6D to 7D, similar to what today is found some ascended masters such as Buddha among others. The being we know as Jesus today would be vibrating in the 18th dimension. He is the direct human expression of Micah (his fractal) and supreme entity and God with the capital G in our local universe.

Understanding as “God” this co-creator being that we call the Paradise Son, who came out of the monad and made the way of descent and the ascent back, but in another universe.

End of the first chapter. 

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