Greetings, brothers of Earth.

Here who writes is ASHIRION from Sirius, a member of the interconnection between the Confederation and the Federation of Sirius, at service of the Rescue Command and humankind awakening.

Recently, the events on military and political stages are placing the social and economic structure of your world’s scenario on a delicate condition and towards complications in the years to come. Recently, the Russians, leaving the arrogant and fearful North American attitude in a delicate situation, overcame the scene of military balance between Americans and Russians considerably. Which ended up inserting delicate issues into the political scenario, concerning industrial world management and other interests, still controlled by the three major superpowers, which are USA, China and Russia, disputing the 2020 worldwide leadership with supremacy in many aspects, including electronic and reverse technology and their derivations, still kept secret from the public.

Starting with this issue and due to the request of several entities of the Earth since from the astral levels of your planet, the Prime Directive is being questioned as well as whether the Galactic Alliance’s fleet or the Earth’s Confederation Merkabas (Vehicles of Light) could intervene on Earth.

The issue is not only related to the Prime Directive, my beloved children and brothers, but to the psychic and emotional situation of the humankind. Most of you do not have the ability to accept the existence of life beyond your own existence, not only human, but also other forms of life, many considered negative due to their physical appearance.

Therefore, in order to start an intervention, we need at least 10% of the human population requesting the intervention of Archangel Michael’s teams and his allies, to start a more intense process. For that, I invite those who are interested, to create a planetary chain requesting Archangel Michael’s worldwide intervention, which is one of his names known through the ancient Hebrew Scriptures.

Two aspects request your attention, because we anticipated that this intervention might occur in your world, once the situation gets more complicated:
Your planet has already been inhabited for at least 60 years by several stellar groups residing on Earth, with the agreement of the Hidden Secret Governments, in exchange for power and reverse technology. These groups, in a significant percentage, have interests on research and extraction of genetic and natural Earth’s and humankind’s resources, and are among the groups that may appear in partnership with the Sinister Secret Government introducing themselves as Michael’s team, in order to further manipulate mankind.

This situation can only be contained and avoided, if every being performing this request has his heart synchronized with his INNER PEACE. Otherwise, he can be misled in any simulation created by the sinister forces, who do not want to lose the power over humankind.

Therefore, to achieve this chain, it is first required that the humankind changes internally, in order to establish the required frequency to contact the HARMONIC beings of the Galactic Alliance and Christ related teams of the Confederation.

This change requires not just STRAIGHT THINKING and STRAIGHT ACTING, but above all your spiritual teams’ support, concerning your spiritual guardian angel or the Quantic Stellar Healing Anchorage. In order to promote peoples’ psychic capabilities balance to prepare them for their contact with the real higher beings and avoid the deception in many future situations, sustained and supported by the bankrupt and discredited Governments.

Therefore, my beloved ones, to perform this procedure with over 10% of the active human population, internal preparation is needed for the changes that are about to happen on the political and economic stages, concerning Government and Military world power.

This change has been planned for a long time and you will all have to adapt, in order to transcend many concepts and transmute others. A power shift lies ahead of us, whether or not an external intervention of any alien form takes place in your society. The change will begin gradually once you are more open to the possibility of life beyond your reality.

Well, friends, this theme will be certainly largely discussed, so I am going to observe and gradually explain the various topics raised by readers through time, and within the possibilities of the writer, we will answer to your questions and complaints.

Stay within the peace of your heart,

I am ASHIRION from Sirius Alpha.

By Rodrigo Romo, Campinas
São Paulo, Brazil


* Prime Directive: the Galactic Alliance, their ships, members and allies, cannot interfere on the choices and on the normal development of a planet, culture or society.

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