Dear friends and children of Earth, here who writes again is Ashirion from Sirius Alpha, and as I promised, I’m going to explain how to assemble a Worldwide Network of peace and harmony, without, however, creating conflict through Astral projections and similar battles, as many people believe to be the solution.

Let us first understand the overall situation, explaining our non-aggression basis and thus, the protection of all who are seeking a world oneness creating a movement for pacific understanding among Government rulers.

It is the knowledge of the experts on the political and economic scenario that China is heading towards world leadership, through its strong economic structure. By strengthening its military technology to match the North American power, they are investing over 150 billion dollars in the new electronic technology of armaments and largely expanding their journeys into space. They have the intention to negotiate help and technological exchange pacts with rebel beings called “Anunnaki” located on the Moon and Mars, similar to the North American relationship with rebel groups and with the Federation.

This situation is possible thanks to the extensive Chinese financial resources, making other countries cautious regarding world domination, which, since the end of the Cold War around the 80’s/90’s has placed the United States on the front line, precisely for its strong economy and abundant financial resources. The situation now favors China, which begins to struggle for a place of domination, overpowering other countries that might represent risks to their ambitions.
The Russians, through their current ruler, are also trying to re-establish their global leadership position, through pacts with alien groups, who shared their technology since the 1920’s. The Tungunska case, in Siberia, where an UFO exploded leaving clear debris of extraterrestrial origin, made the Soviets develop a large research of advanced technologies. Technologies that came to be widely developed in the years 50 and 60, placing the Russians ahead the U.S. in the space race, with Yuri Gagarin as the first man to go into space and around the Earth. This represented a powerful political and psychological shock against the U.S., which balanced the situation, thanks to the increased availability of financial resources compared to Russia.

Thus, the USA ended up developing a worldwide line of control through the power of weapons and through political and financial pressures on other countries, after the world economy was indexed to the American currency. Previously, each country had its funds based on gold, not virtual money. The United States created this structure through the negotiations of their members with the Illuminati Order and the Sinister Secret Government (SSG), structuring a power line based on alien technology, nuclear armaments, finance and traffic of influence. In addition, the U.S. contacts with rebel stellar forces who include the following political stellar groups close to your planet Earth:

  • Marduk and its renegade groups, who still want to gain power over humanity and the planet’s natural resources.
  • Zetas Reticulli seeking besides planet’s natural resources, as water, uranium, gold and genetic material, also want to inhabit the planet to continue their expansion plan and genetic mutation using some human ethnicity.
  • Grays who seek to recover their original genetic coding, which was removed by the hands of Draconian from Thuban and Rigel of Orion through slavery, searching fundamental codes for their survival on the Homo Sapiens human genome.
  • Reptilians, who take part on the vampirization and enslavement of the world structure, inserting agents and entrants at the highest levels of world governments, replacing most of the rulers, businessmen and politicians, in order to maintain mankind’s fear and psychic control, because they feed on negative emotions.
  • Xopatz, who represent the highest level of the Anti-Christ’s energy control, seeking mankind’s vampirization and imprisoning, so the humans won’t be able to reach the levels of Ascension and consciousness awakening according to the masters of the Universal White Fraternity, keeping the psychic, emotional and intellectual patterns in a low level and in constant rebellion.

Well, my friends of the Earth, these are some of the groups which the North Americans, Russians, Chinese, Germans, British, Indians, Koreans, Australians and other Governments are involved with and imprisoned at the same time, coordinating a global policy of starvation, fear, war and all sorts of conflicts. The USA have nowadays 32 ultra-secret security levels, which are beyond their government agencies such as the CIA, FBI, NSA, Air Force, Navy, Army and NASA. Each department has access to a certain level of security, without knowing about each other’s levels, as well as the Secret Sinister Government who is controlling part of these 32 levels. Because within the SSG there is another invisible secret government structure, which is involved with the transfer of humans to other planets within and outside our Solar system, through their partnerships with these groups.

Therefore, my beloved children of the Earth, to confront these levels of control technology and imprisonment of your civilization is simply impossible. If you want to employ the line of confrontation without understanding the existing technological and political scenario, as some channels and mediums have been teaching their disciples, you will not have the slightest chance to overcome this structure.

That just leaves us with another movement taught by the masters who descended on Earth in different timelines, teaching the path of love. In order to perform a global network, you will need to create a chain of meditations and prayers through the focus of love and peace. Radiating Love and intention of world peace and harmony, so your rulers, even those trapped in the reptilians’ energy, can receive an irradiation of peace and love coming from the cosmic great Mahatma hierophants.
Do you remember the Grandmaster Mahatma Gandhi, who, through his efforts of peace and non-aggression, was able to free his country India from the British political and financial control? Well, our new proposal to you will be the global harmonization irradiation, passed through Rodrigo Romo, who received this information during his Mahatma Columns course. This meditation should be held every Thursday from 9 up to 10p.m..

To irradiate golden, violet and rose energy columns over the White House, Pentagon, Kremlin, National Congress of Brazil, Chinese, British, German, Ukrainian, Israeli, Muslim and other Governments, whenever needed during the course of the work. Do not emit confrontation, but only request that the Mahatma Masters act upon these people and situations that generate global imbalance.

You will ask the presence and irradiation of the Masters Ananda Mahatma, Samanael Mahatma, Emanuelys Mahatma, Amarylis Mahatma, as the base to support a Worldwide Network. Therefore, through the masters and spiritual level teams, the Galactic Alliance and the masters of the Supra Confederation will act on the psychic, emotional and consciousness structure of those areas, minimizing conflict intentions and disharmony that these areas have emitted so far. The Masters of the Mahatma Order are members of the Supra Confederation and are the Cosmic Logos irradiating energy. They are willing to help the human race and your planet in this critical moment, due to internal conflicts and clashes of consciousness among the different polarities of souls residing on the physical, astral and lower levels, which affect significantly the civilization’s psychic and emotional field.

In addition to these locations, there are many other regions going through religious and armed conflicts, where you should project columns of light with love and peaceful energy through these beings, who will act through your intention and projection. Either by mental projection, or using testimonies of these areas. It can be rocks and artifacts from these locations, used as basis to clean the Kingdom of Earth, which are the Devic Realm, called in Brazil the Prime Orixas, found in rocks, crystals, fossils and plants of every location on the planet. You can employ this technique to help activate the Earth’s Christic Network, which is actually the Planetary Web, relayed through the Gaulle and Schumann frequencies, representing the electromagnetic field of your planet. Rodrigo Romo, our channel, teaches this technique during his courses.

Notice that the new proposal places the humankind as the basis of a consciousness-awakening request, allowing this way, the Masters and other beings to act through the Prime Directive without infringing laws or existing basic rules from other spheres beyond your reality. Once the humankind requests for divine intervention through their hearts and love, the Masters shall answer this request and, through the Mahatma Energy supporters and expanders working on your planet, they will prevent the activation of any conflict between polarities. There will not be a war between Rebels and Light Workers, but a change of consciousness, creating awakening, reaching a critical mass that some channels are calling the “butterfly effect”. When humankind, or part of it, will be qualified to receive the irradiation of “Dark Energy*” flow from their “I Am”, directly to their souls, activating their DNA and cosmic memory of who they really are beyond the human structure.

The more people joining this proposal, the greater the butterfly effect, changing your planet faster. The objective will be to reduce the harmful effects of your thoughts and emotions, which are contaminating and unbalancing the Devas (Spirits) of the Planet, generating severe climatic and geodesic anomalies, intensified by the orbit of your Solar System within the cloud that you call the Photon Belt. The Photon Belt has, among many duties, your Sun’s electromagnetic field activation and all the planets’, including the activation of the future Sun Jupiter that should enter into ignition in a near future.

Many aspects of the Astronomical field are not reported to the society, in order to avoid panic. Recently, your researchers using the Voyager Probe, due to the outer Solar System route, discovered the existence of another Red Dwarf star associated with the existence of other planets beyond the Oort belt, which must have crossed the outer part of your solar system around 70,000 years ago. This star called Scholz was cruising around 0.8 light-years from your Solar System accompanied by a brown dwarf that you call Hercolubus. This recent discovery has shown the existence of other celestial bodies and a vast expanse of planets’ debris that already existed in the external sector well beyond the orbits of Pluto and Sedna, which are the outermost planetoids published by science. These discoveries informed the Secret Sinister Government scientific community and other related groups, about the future and major geodesic and energetic changes that will change the geological structure of your planet. That is why many people, over the last 40 years, have channeled maps with a new geological setting of your planet’s continents. Because in fact, there will be changes that do not necessarily mean the end of your civilization, but changes you all must overcome through the unification of mankind, through the energy of love, understanding and joint collaboration with your teams from the spiritual level. They are the societies that inhabit your planet in subtle dimensions beyond your physical 3D reality, as understood by your mystical literature.

When the Mahatma Energy is finally inserted in people’s hearts, the Christic Energy of Jesus Christ or Sananda (Micah) will be effectively radiating and awakening people to a new frequency of life and reality beyond suffering and war. However, this change has to start now, not in five years. There is no more time for adjustments, because the time on the physical plane has ended. The recent political events are leading your society to a dangerous nuclear conflict, unless part of the humankind takes part in an enduring intervention in the events that are being armed on the secret backstage of power.

The question related to the Galactic Alliance’s Prime Directive and Local Federations raises diplomatic and political issues. In the past when Nibiruans, Anu, Enlil, Enki Ninmah, Ningishzidda, Ninti, and their teams changed the DNA of Neanderthals and other hominids that existed on Earth, they eventually broke this guideline, due to situations of slavery and conflicts that the next generations created searching for power by transferring disharmonious genes and teachings to a mankind in formation. When the Galactic Alliance intervened from a temporal point other than human’s, your civilization was already reaching 12,000 years of existence, when many things had already happened on the incarnational process, bringing extremely negative and rebellious “souls” from other planets’ exile. This load ended up being transferred to the genome of the earthlings, amplifying even more negativity. In addition, the rebel groups managed to seize the power on Earth and found a planetary control project that was successfully deployed due to the greed of power over humankind, leading to the current situation.

Due to the existence of the Prime Directive, which must be respected, the Light Beings as you name them seek to act through indirect methods, placing agents to incarnate and awaken the human consciousness through examples of conduct, leaving writings and teachings, which ended up erroneously turning into dogmatic religion of fear rather than love. What we have proposed at this time and requested our collaborator Rodrigo Romo, is a mindful chain of help to others, which each one must accept in their hearts. It is not a religious or dogmatic proposal by fear, because it will not work. The Mahatma Energy activation occurs only through love and by the expansion of your Threefold Flame, which resides on the left ventricle of all being’s heart of your planet. It exists not only in humans, but in animals also, because it is a legacy of the Absolute Creator beyond the dark energy, so the Tachyonic radiation is transferred through the atom that resides inside your hearts, as a point of communication and life sustaining. Mahatma is part of this radiation flowing in the spectrum of Tachyons and crossing the universe much faster than the photons of light.

Within the policy of the Galactic Alliance and the main Federations of Light, the Prime Directive states the following:

It is absolute right and therefore can never be violated the right of any conscious species, whether individual or collective, to live according to their natural evolution.
No member of the Federation may interfere or even help the development of life and culture of a race or alien species. This interference includes the introduction of knowledge, strength or technology.

This Directive will prevent the help or intervention over your planet, even knowing that sinister forces abducted the humankind, because it would eventually generate an open war against those forces. In the past, during the wars of Orion, Pegasus, Cassiopeia and Perseus, many planets and stars were destroyed, due to the use of Heavy Quarks, which are technological elements capable of creating black holes that swallow stars, unbalancing huge sectors of your Galaxy. The Supra Confederation Commanders halted the war, in order to give life and dialogue an opportunity, causing the creation of different factions of power, which along the way formatted different federations and rebel groups. In the process of restructuring that power, it was created what you see in the movies Star Trek as “neutral zone”, which is the boundary between the two factions of power, which in human understanding are the Anti-Christ X Christ, disputing the power and reconquering of territory. Well, your Solar System has crossed a path during 560,000 years, much of this period within the “neutral zone” sector near Orion Rigel, Draconian power system. That is why the history of wars and destruction within your Solar System is very high, including the destruction of the planet Maldeck, Mars, Venus, and the outer planets beyond the asteroid belt of Oort cloud.

For this reason, you have lived in a situation far more complex than you think, because the Galactic Alliance regularly needs to invest in projects and agents to help your Solar System, whenever you are within the sectors of the rebels’ political coverage. This is related to the explanations you have received about the 26,000 years translation movement, when your Solar System crosses the orbit of Alcyone star. However, the whole block makes another movement that is named Hexagonal Route, periodically placing the entire block in conflict zones and non-conflict zones, when, through the incarnational process, rebels or light souls are transferred to your Solar System. Therefore, it is not about the Earth, only, but all the planets and their satellites are involved in this duality for power.

So, my loved ones, notice that the situation is not as simple as many people believe, thinking that Micah teams or Archangel Michael, as you name him, have the power or right to intervene. This interference requires primarily a change of posture assuming the responsibility for your acts. When I refer to acts, I am referring to the following:


When a person projects a negative feeling against someone, he is actually co-creating an inharmonious radiation, unbalancing the Prime Deities (Prime Orixas) or Devas (Spirits) of nature. Not just the planet Earth’s, but also his body and organs’ balance, which are sustained by the same Devas of the planet. Therefore, by resonance, a planet in disharmony will eventually reflect on its living beings, also in disharmony.

Some thinkers have written, “You are what you think”. That is precisely the point of resonance, a factor that will generate the Planet’s collective consciousness critical mass. As long as your television network and other media communicate fear, anger, wars and calamities, this will generate even more critical mass of despair and dismay over the population, making it easier for the Renegade Groups to control the masses through the current Governments.

This is why we do not want to generate conflicts, but to irradiate energy of peace and love, which is the basis of the Mahatma cosmic radiation. This energy is and has always been codified within the Threefold Flame of every human being. Therefore, what we are proposing is that you release what you hide and fear, which is the concept of being “equal to Jesus Christ”. As He made himself clear during his life on Earth about 2000 years ago “I tell you the truth, if you have faith and don’t doubt, you can do things like this and much more. You can even say to this mountain, ‘May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and it will happen.” (Matthew 21:21). Therefore, dear children, the time has come to make Micah’s saying come true in the life of each one of you who is reading this message and, together, we can help to strengthen this energy and save your world from the madness of these rebel groups.

This proposal is, in fact, a profound change of paradigms in your current life, going against everything established by the media and by the mediums of mind control. However, it is up to each one of you to make this chain succeed through love and peace, not through conflict. Another important Jesus’ phrase: “Put your sword back into its place; for all those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword.” (Matthew 26:52). Therefore, you should live by Love, for Love and you will be saved and elevated to a new plane of existence along with other Masters who await to meet with all of you.

I invite all of you reading this channeling, so we can be united within your hearts and your consciousness, to co-create a better world and together achieve what Micah in the body of Jesus Christ came to sow in your world.

I am Ashirion from Sirius Alpha, a Kumara Member of the Timeline Command on assignment in your Solar System, who wishes and spreads the Mahatma energy directly into your hearts and will join you during the meditations and projects for the transmutation of your world.

In peace and in love, I am with you.

Channelling by Rodrigo Romo, May 25, 2015
São Paulo SP Brazil.


*In physical cosmology and astronomy, dark energy is a hypothetical form of energy, which permeates all of space and tends to accelerate the expansion of the universe.