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Original article in Portuguese (link) translated by Helena Renner

Well, friends and readers, as I have been warning for a long time, we have a very critical situation between the different factions of star’s visitors within the Solar System. For a better understanding of this fact, it is important to know that our Solar System is mostly inhabited by beings or even consciousnesses dwelling within the physical plane similar to our density (3D-Earth) but also beyond (frequencies up to 8D).

Most people don’t know that some of these beings and intelligences/consciousnesses among these factions have interests of power and knowledge ever since the first discoveries made by the Nazi Group, Vril and Thule Societies, when they made contact with the intraterrestrial group. Later, these three groups also made contact with the Aldebaran group, discovering part of the information about the mankind’s origins, including different ancient civilizations of the Planet Earth, as well as other civilizations beyond the human and humanoid structure.

This information has ended up absorbed and transferred through the power and knowledge of the Nazis to the North Americans, Russians, British and Chinese governments shortly after the 2nd World War, creating what was defined as the Secret Sinister Government (or just Hidden Government), by mystics and followers of the Conspiracy Theories. In the middle of 1950s and then concretely in 1957, the SSG had direct contacts with groups of Zetas, Greys, Draconian, intraterrestrials and other races with whom they have maintained communication, creating the basis of a Parallel-Hidden Government, beyond the standard governments of these countries. This segregation happened first in a natural way, but later in a calculated and controlled manner, dividing the mankind in two parts: the contactees and the ones ruled by the Control Matrix.

So, the members of the highest structure of the SSG pyramid understood the true origin of different human ethnicities. The role of the Anunnaki, the role of extraterrestrials, and the role of 22 projects delegations ended up putting them in contact with the Galactic Alliance group, creating initially 32 security levels on secret matters. Thus, formalizing the basis for the existence of this secret segregation.

Through time, the Galactic Alliance ended up facing against the Kabbalah Vatican secret group. Moreover, to better understand this matter, it is important to know that the Kabbalah Vatican represents a line or even a hidden arm of negative extraterrestrials that are divided among: Greys, Anunnakis, Zetas, Draconian, Xopatz, Dracos and other races of the past, including intraterrestrial beings, which generated a great misunderstanding related to different sources about SGS and different ET groups within the government and the pacts made between them.

Each group ended up placing internal spies who leaked part of the information, which over time formed the basis of the Conspiracy Theories and others, who claim to be channels with access to influential people within the Hidden Government.

All this is part of well-structured projects that allow information to leak, to spontaneously perform a natural selection, inserting their genetic marking programs among the world population, choosing those who will be part of the future “New World Order”. The ideal would be a population estimated between 2.5 to a maximum of 4 billion human beings who would be able to populate the Earth after the events that might occur starting in 2026, due to the gravitational lens that must be opened by the Aviaries, nearby planet Saturn, similarly to the Interstellar movie.

This information has been gradually released most recently by the SSG ex-member, Corey Goode, who was interviewed by David Wilcock, generating an impressive impact in the media. As it turned out truly snapping up many of the previous information from other contactees and even hidden government former employees.

The factor that very few people can explain refers to the so called Neutral Zone, which is truly an imaginary boundary that exists in the hexagonal orbit of our Solar System. The Neutral Zone periodically reaches the domains of “rebel” groups, representing the draconian, greys and negative zetas, who are linked to the political events that took place before the big war of Orion. As Corey Goode reveals, the Moon is divided in sectors, similar to countries and the members of these 22 delegations of the current Galactic Alliance barely bear each other. But the ancient war left a reminder throughout the Orionis Stellar Quadrant, that in the past our solar system has had 5 worlds completely destroyed. And previously, at the peak of the Orion war, 6 other planets larger than Jupiter were disintegrated using Heavy Quark technology, generating singularities that caused the destruction of stars and planets, which culminated with the formation of the Oort Ring of Asteroids, just beyond the orbit of planetoid Sedna. This formation is part of the remains of the Satik Solar System structure, which was the ancient name of the current formation called the Solar System.

After this bloody and devastating war, the military power of Local Federations’ 72 plus different groups, from a total of more than 180 federations, it was established an orbital and territorial boundary of different groups in the Milky Way, which is now called the Neutral Zone or Forbidden Zone. The members of the Galactic Alliance were considered “positive” in this Neutral Zone, and in the same way the Rebel group was considered forbidden. The Rebel group ended up reformatting their own Federations and their own game of interests.

As our Solar System passes regularly every 26.000 years by the Neutral Zone and also every 560.000 years by the Hexagonal Route within the areas dominated by the rebel groups, during 10.200 years the Rebels have free access to our Solar System. So, during this period they have access to develop their own researches and incarnational processes, leaving beings in exile and performing other experiments. This was the case of the souls and beings of Capella, Tau Ceti, and Boronak. They were transferred repeatedly to Earth while the Earth was orbiting the domains of the Neutral Zone. The Planet Earth would become negative, never a planet of peace and light, as many wish and the mystics aspire.

In the midst of this extremely complex configuration, there is the SSG and its distinctive 32 security levels (up to 2005), which have risen to 38 in 2010, and now in 2016 there are already 42 levels of security. Due to the increase of 5 stellar projects to 9 projects, the inclusion of SSG became possible within the game of the Galactic Alliance interests. From there SSG was accepted by the group of Aviaries for future projects not yet described. These future projects include the transfer of genetic material and human beings genetically selected to the worlds of Castor System, Pollux, Avior, Shaulla 7, Agena 4, Aldebaran 9, and other recent projects, creating further confusion in the channelings transcoding.

Recently, SOHO, a NASA´s satellite, released amazing images of ships larger than the planet Jupiter entering the orbit of the Sun and draining its energy. These Ships, including also physical ships, are some part of the Aviaries group and others part of other hidden groups, who don´t want contact with the military forces of the SSG, because they do not accept their warlike and ostentatious mentality.

Well, within this context, we can see both the text below about the information leaked from Hillary Clinton’s adviser, as well as Corey Goode’s information, which are part of a game to gradually release information to wake up “those” who should be awake, while the rest the mankind will be kept within the Control Matrix. So, the readers should evaluate carefully and at the same time understand that this information is not relevant, because we (sensitives) internally know that we have never been alone in the universe. We know that the governments’ denial is just a matter of political power, economy and religion, controlling the current humanity through what is defined as Control Matrix.

Therefore, we should continue to develop our inner work and it is not worth asking who these beings called Kabbalah by Corey Goode are, because, their power and strategy involves beings that have complete disregard for the humanity. And whatever is worth for them, the slavery is certain. Meanwhile, the SSG, on the other hand, is in the middle of a power game between the Rebels who give full support to the groups that compose the Kabbalah, and in return they want to impose a new world order through a dictatorship where humanity will not know the truth. The other opposition group, linked to the current 42 SSG security groups, knows only parts of the “real truth”.

So, what we have is a cosmic chess game, between the stellar power of the Federations and SSG political and warlike interests, and the groups who want the truth and do not know how to deal with it. Because they know that this is a disgusting game and the humanity is just an advanced genetic experiment of more than 22 stellar groups, who define themselves as positive.

Where does the religion stand now, where is God and all the ethical concepts, purpose, dignity and honor that are the basis of many religious and the basis of the behavior that guide most human beings? All these questions have placed the highest management of the SSG members in an awkward position. And at the same time it is making them colder because they are on a frequency to perform deep genetic experiments the humanity knows nothing about, performed through its pharmaceutical laboratories and all kinds of industry, such as genetic modified organisms, food and other experiments, etc. All this is part of the current SSG game for power, towards of what the 22 groups of the Galactic Alliance have been doing with the humanity for over 800 million years of our time.

Well, we recommend you all study the following articles about the e-mails exposing the government knowledge about extraterrestrial intelligence and the Secret Space Programs more complex than previously revealed about the topics covered by Corey Goode. Enjoy your study and good reflection to all of you.

Stay in your inner Light and work with love and tenderness.
Rodrigo Romo


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