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Well, my friends and students, to continue with the previous theme, I would like to describe some facts and their consequences concerning the scam related to the world governments denial and the control game that the SINISTER SECRET GOVERNMENT or simply Hidden Government has practiced over mankind in the last 80 years. Not to mention the other much larger and more complex fraud that comes from the secret group named by many Kabbalah-Vatican, who has altered the truth since the recompilation of the ancient books of the Torah and the Apocrypha to invent the actual Bible, which is in fact, varied extracts from different eras of the ancient civilizations, since the arrival of Enki on Earth over 450,000 years ago.

This part is transcribed as the creation of the world in 6 days and on the 7th day God would have rested, which is in fact a great lie of the ancient apocryphal writings translations created by the Sumerians and their descendants, generally from the Mesopotamian and surrounding areas, where the culture and ethnicity of the Hebrews and their congeners was created, who are now their stark enemies. This lie was instituted by the rebellious and renegade Souls of the great Orion War, when they arrived on Earth during the period when the Earth was within the Neutral Zone sector, under the control and domination of the Rebels, who were forced by the Confederation to cease fire against other groups during Orion’s great war pinnacle.

When the US, Soviet, British and Chinese high military rank had access to the Nazis and members of the Thule and Vril Society’s archives mentioning the existence of beings from other worlds and had access to documents that were later rescued and confirmed, then a new cycle in the mankind’s evolution began. However, at that time, this evolution would not be available to all mankind, as Hitler wished within his plans. For this, he would have to exterminate completely the Kabbalah-Vatican society and its branches, present in all countries through religion, banks and industrial economic structures, which meant to erase the basis of the human society. Therefore, this new human society would also have to be secret and selected to the extreme, in order to be able to generate, within around 50 years, a secret and powerful structure enough to leave Earth and create its new basis and dwellings beyond our orbit.

The military knew that if they wanted to confront the Secret Order of Kabbalah-Illuminati and the whole political and religious structure, there would be another holocaust similar to World War II and they would have to proceed with Hitler’s hard-line. So they chose to divide the mankind and begin the genetic projects to understand the documents about eugenics that the Nazis had already elaborated to perfect the human DNA, and to accelerate the evolution of the human race, meeting the requirements of the extraterrestrials who were making contacts with them. With this line of events and frequent contacts, it was clear that the truth about the extraterrestrial reality was totally hidden from our civilization. And the most important fact is that God never existed, as taught in the old scriptures, as only different extraterrestrials groups came to Earth, each one performing experiments that gave origin to different human racial groups. Along the time, these groups followed their creators ending up fighting for power against other ethnic groups, as it happened since the beginning in Mesopotamia.

When we evaluate this situation, we can understand why the SSG was created beyond the lines of religion and mankind’s dogmas. Because religion prevent mankind from evolving. So, a select group which the Germans themselves, such as Von Braun and many others were invited to join, gave aid and impulse to the US space race as well as the Russians’ and gradually made possible the formation of the SSG. And in the years 1970/75, a peaceful connection with the groups of the 4th Reich and its refugees located in about 50 intraterrestrial cities in the Antarctic began, who are now part of the group that sustains the current SSG and the Galactic Alliance and is responsible for exchanging communications.

Only the people who accepted the extraterrestrial reality and no longer believed in God and in all religious lies, gave support to the scientific and technological development of the SSG, distancing from the Kabbalah group, thus, generating competition for power. But there was another delicate factor: how to get the money to fund all the miraculous projects to build secret bases and new technologies, including projects beyond the Earth’s orbit, on the Moon and other planets. The Germans had already launched a manned rocket to the moon in the year 1932. This base is still being used by the SSG and was the starting point for new launches towards Mars, Venus and satellites between Jupiter and Mars, in the years 1974/76.

Naturally, the people selected were part of programs where children were kidnapped and the police never knew their whereabouts or were part in fatal accidents where the bodies were unidentifiable. Thus, in the years 1965/1975 there were several cases of foreign disappearances, not only in the USA, but in all countries where initial DNA control pointed to teenagers and children with potential to be future members of the SSG and internal projects. Through the special forces and divisions such as CIA, FBI, KGB, NSA, NOA, SAS, SPETSNAZ, SHAYETET, USAF, NAVI and other internal groups, people were selected with a specific psychic and emotional profile to join these secret programs, where even the Order of Kabbalah-Illuminati had no access, creating a true army, a parallel civilization mixed with the terrestrial mankind within the Control Matrix.

With the help and communications between the Galactic Alliance and the 4th Reich members, who were already in contact with the Aldebaran and Gemini Constellation groups, the political, military and technological SSG structuring became an easier process, when they created its 32 levels of internal security. These 32 levels were formed in pyramidal structure but isolated as in honeycombs from each other, where the information could only rise within its command without crossing horizontally. By 2005 there were 32 levels of security, but now it has approximately 42 levels, after new interstellar projects were developed through the intraterrestrials Star Gates activated by the 4th Reich. The 4th Reich found Aldebaran and Sirius Lemuria’s’ ancient bases allowing to reach other planets in distant systems, similar to the TV series STAR GATE without the knowledge of the Galactic Alliance, developing a technological power that this Alliance did not know. At the same time, allowing the SSG more freedom of action to choose the destinations indicated by informants from other factions, who accepted the Galactic Alliance, but endured much confrontation against it and sorrows from past experiences.

Consequently, the SSG top staff ended up receiving information from more than 30 different members of this Galactic Alliance Council, besides the information already provided by the Reticulli Zetas, Gomeisa and Procyon Zetas, Greys and Dracos themselves, providing the SSG with a huge amount of information, technology and galactic history that members of the Galactic Alliance did not know and were being absorbed by SSG research members. As a result, this group created several advanced projects and placed stations in the orbit of the following planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Moon, Venus, Earth and in more than 27 asteroids at the belt between Mars and Jupiter. Recently two huge bases were built in the orbit of Uranus and Neptune, as well as a distant planet in the orbit of the nearby Red Dwarf star of Alpha Proxima was colonized, which has already been reported as being an Earth-like planet and having water. This information has already been confirmed by the SSG ex member Corey Goode in his interviews with the presenter and researcher David Wilcock.

When we dig into the facts revealed by Corey, we end up in a TV series of highly advanced science fiction, because he has shared a lot of information with the “authorization” of the high stellar command of Earth and SSG, precisely to activate the people’s cellular memory, who are his followers and attend his interviews, activating the implants they received when they were kids, in almost every country along the decades from the 60’s up to 90’s. The objective is to set the mechanisms of maturing, so in the near future these people can take part in the SSG secret programs and in the SECRET SPACE program that Corey has been addressing and revealing during his interviews. As Corey himself has told, in addition to the 5 oldest original SSG projects within the space expansion with the help and collaboration of extraterrestrials and internal neighbors of the Solar System, there are also terrestrial projects that extract the financial resources through extortion, politics and corruption, where money must be withdrawn from countries through corruption, buying politicians to release absurd funds, which are actually meant to support space and underground secret programs for the construction of subterranean bases and bunkers for future survivors in the case of World War III and a possible Solar Collapse, which may occur in a few years to come.

Within the SSG structure there are different factions that manipulate the world financial policy and extract financial resources for the Space project and its branches, as part of the natural resources are being extracted from the set of asteroids between Mars and Jupiter since 1992. That is what was left of the ancient planet Maldek. With these resources, many technical problems with the cigar-shape and the triangular fleet ships, that are called TR-3B in the 70’s, have been solved. These ships were known for their abductions, in part attributed to the Zetas and the Greys, while in fact, it was the SSG doing genetic research for their projects, initiating the Genome program in the early twentieth century. The objective was to scan all human races and compare the data with those obtained through the abduction programs. This data was eventually compared to those obtained by the Zetas, Grays and other stellar races who have deep interest in the human genetic database as well as the interstellar genome dealers, with whom the SSG traded human material in exchange for technology and more advanced weapons, to begin the process of colonization and defense of the Solar System, facing the complex situation of the NEUTRAL ZONE. This is still a factor that disturbs the authority and autonomy of the SSG and its military psyche of domination.

In fact, the SSG is preparing for an attack made by the groups across the Neutral Zone as it has recently happened against the Sirian ship Anesh that was seriously damaged during the war between the Draconian Neutral Zone fleets and the Alliance. The space program SSG group joined the conflict to test their armament and their confrontational tactics in space. This conflict, which involves several aspects of interstellar politics and power control among more than 108 technological and racial leaderships, is the equivalent of the apparent competition between the USA, RUSSIA, and CHINA in the current financial and political context. The Star Command situation is similar in some respects, concerning close systems and the Galactic Alliance, even though they don’t face the same financial matters as Earth, they have other exchange mechanisms and financial power that are based on workforce and potential to sustain their projects and the development of their societies.

Among the facts narrated by Corey, there is one that I have repeatedly emphasized during my courses in the last 20 years, which are the holograms, the false projects and even the false apocalypse used to recruit people so called or even convinced as “special,” who are invited to live in intraoceanic or intraterrestrial cities, as part of a natural selection to save humanity. Recently, with the Sun’s electromagnetic field changes, the possibility of a solar collapse in the next 35/60 years has been widely reported, according to groups of scientists studying the Sun and giant ships that are draining the Sun’s energy. As a result, SSG has expanded its recruitment using this theme as basis to select people from developed countries to be part of their workforce for different tasks that are intended to support space programs that these people do not even suspect they exist. That is, the humans recruited to live in the cities and bases on Earth are completely unaware of the SSG space technology and other groups joint secret programs. For some people who have revealed details of these secret bases, there is a good life, but it is a camouflaged dictatorship based on the survival of the human species, so they all give their maximum waiting for the end of human society and with this, they give up their lives and the contact with the nature on the surface, in exchange for artificial structures. The same is true of human beings chosen to live on the orbital and planetary bases, similar to large commercial malls, where life is limited by artificial plants and lakes and the equivalent of what the nature of Earth can offer.

Earth-like worlds in the proximity are already inhabited, compromised and do not want the Earth humans. For this reason, a most ambitious stellar STAR GATE project has sent a great number of people to search other sectors of the Milky Way, where there are planets similar to Earth still uninhabited, to create a new colony where the contact with nature will allow the development of a new society. But this project is top secret and other members of the space programs do not know about it. Each group of people does not have access to the others, being confined and imprisoned exclusively to their programs and if they leave they are punished or have their memory erased. In fact, these cities and bases are sustained literally by slave labor where people are trapped without access to the outside world and to their family members as if they had died for the society. Each member has attributions for the common good of the community and cannot question or be indiscreet, being heavily punished for disobedience of the internal order. And these groups’ kids are trained as military to be framed in future positions and programs defined by the SSG, according to each teenager or child emotional psyche. According to their abilities, they are trained as if the external world was extinct and their survival depended on their obedience and performance, very similar to several recent movies and animations about a virtual future, where mankind collapsed to the Third World War final conflict.

This condition is a result of negative souls present since the domination of forces on the other side of the Neutral Zone, when during the last 10,200 years the Solar System and Earth were under the influence of the political power of the groups from that sector. The Earth left this sector, entering the Intermediate Zone in August 1987, which was called Harmonic Convergence by the mystics and esoteric of the whole world, who began to spread the New Golden Age, which is another mechanism of control and manipulation of the SSG internal agencies to recruit people with mystical or mediumistic abilities for their special programs, such as Corey Goode, who was classified as an intuitive telepath and empath, used in communications and trading with extraterrestrials, to know if they were lying during the negotiations that were held.

In this context, several worldwide companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector have developed drugs and vaccines to be administered in children since the 1970’s, to create beneficial mutations in children and to leverage their mediumistic process, which consists in activating some genes and their chains of amino acids through specific biochemical stimulants and with that, to produce a new generation of children with mediumistic abilities and senses above average. Through the genetic nanotechnology markers injected through the vaccines, they would be recruited later in the SSG programs according to their interests. In part, we can say that the SSG and the Kabbalah-Illuminati Order have a certain level of partnership with regards to administration and control of the world economy, even by the agreements they had to make to avoid a war between both factions. In 1988 the Vatican began its space project with its own resources, to connect with the Order of the Black Dragon and the Neutral Zone sectors representatives, thus ensuring the contact and maintenance of OBD agents through Vatican’s Space project portals and ships, ensuring its action under the politics and technology held by the dark interests of whoever is behind the Vatican, the Illuminati Order and Kabbalah, who are the same but in different political and financial contexts.

In the forums, as David Wilcock himself points out, it is difficult to understand the diversity of interests, because there are beings from the past time of Earth’s civilizations from the ancient continents who have reached advanced technology and left Earth towards Pleiades, Sirius, Castor, and Pollux, who returned in less than 12,000 years and presented themselves as Gods, structuring the religions and the basis of the Illuminati and other groups, whose purpose was to prevent the collapse of our Civilization, as it has happened in the past. But they were eventually disrupted or even altered by the presence of XOPATZ, DRACOS, GRAYS, ZETAS and INVERTEBRATES or ADAPTOIDS sinister forces, who are beings of energy with the symbiotic capacity to link to other living beings and take their conscience if they so desire. Most of all these beings come from the solar systems on the other side of the Neutral Zone, taking part in politics and religions of the Earth and in different races, infiltrated in the interests of the rebels along the last 12,000 years. So, it is really difficult and extremely complex to define this structure for the simplified human evaluation.

We return to the question where each one must elevate his/her standard of consciousness in order to leave the Control Matrix power game, that is shown in the science fiction movies, where there are beings who want to dominate and destroy the mankind. This is a sensory implant that will prepare the choose ones for evacuation by abduction for future SSG programs to colonize new worlds. SSG is currently negotiating with Zetas and the Pleiades, Orion, and Sirius groups in order to adjust the mutual interests of Colonization, and new hybrids genetic development research, to face the menace of the Artificial Intelligence beings who are manifesting on Earth and inserting a philosophy of technology slavery. This is a serious danger that will leave mankind completely at the mercy of these beings to become idiots, as it is already occurring with certain newly released games and cell phone apps, that allow people to literally see the world through technology.

Each group of human beings is divided by batches of intellectual, emotional, religious and genetic conditioning, so there are programs adapted to most of the civilization profiles. The negative Souls infiltration and therefore, their negativity cellular quantum memory has been present on Earth for thousands of years. This occurred when the Solar System was called Satik and had 23-26 planets and 3 stars interconnected with their elliptical and eccentric orbits, between the Sun, Herculovos, and Soltock, which are respectively a brown dwarf and a red dwarf, now located between the Solar System of the Earth and the Solar System of Toliman, or Alpha of Centauri, which is only 4.3 light years from Earth. This red dwarf star was part of the Satik system and was involved in the fight for power between the groups of Thuban, Rigel, Orion and Draco Saiph and ended up involved in the Great Orion War when 6 larger planets than Jupiter were destroyed, generating the outer ring of asteroids beyond Sedna’s orbit, which was photographed and unveiled by NASA’s Voyager satellite, which left the Solar System around 2010, revealing its outer part. This catastrophic situation that dismantled the ancient Satik System occurred in human chronology around 4.8 billion years ago, so shortly after the formation of Earth as a geological structure.

Since that time, souls with a high rate of negativity have entered the incarnation process of the current and former Solar System and are now incarnated on Earth. That was the case of the former political coordinator of the Earth named Caligasto, who was an infiltrator and allowed through his agreements that Souls from Capella, Tau Ceti and Boronak with a high index of negativity, entered the Earth’s biological cycle, thereby compromising the projects that were in progress. This way, the negativity index inserted in the structure of the SSG and also in other older group named Kabbalah-Illuminati, was prepared by time travelers of civilizations that hold great and sordid interests in the humanity and Earth itself. Reminding that there are currently still 22 genetic projects supervised by the Galactic Alliance itself and that in 1992 they included SSG as coordinators of some of them placing the high level of SSG committed to the interest of their highly selected genetic experiment. In exchange, they were allowed to acquire technologies for their secret Space program and others, including their STAR GATE launch, using their own technology from the most recent ships built between 2011 and 2015 that have high biological AI technology. These souls incarnated as humans of the Earth and in many extraterrestrial races, desiring power and authority over other societies to maintain their structure of consumption and at the same time to use them as emotional and spiritual food in some cases. In others, it is a future political issue, just as the US has been imposing their political will destroying governments, to ensure their sovereignty and with that, power on Earth. We are talking about the same operational model of managing civilizations with technology far more advanced than most humans can imagine.

Those apart this conflict are only beings that already inhabit levels of 6D or above, as most etheric or high astral plane beings, who in general do not vibrate in this desire for power any longer. This situation has been subtly revealed by Corey when referring to Aviaries who belong to a higher patent within the Galactic Alliance and are respected by other denser groups in 5D and 4D levels that are equivalent to the frequency of humans on Earth, because mankind was never in 3D, as this is a basic physics misconception.

So, understanding the struggle for power within the Galactic Alliance, the SSG itself and the Illuminati, is part of the evolutionary scale game that 4D to 5D beings are most often involved in. As already mentioned, beings who control the species that have developed IA and thus the supremacy of this type of structure over their societies, have already suffered great catastrophes and the annihilation of entire civilizations and in other cases, their total salvation as well. Everything depends on the negativity gradient of each society and how this is evaluated by the IA logic, which in many cases opts for the extinction of the species with more duality. So, the members of the Galactic Alliance group and others who sum up more than 108 Federations in this sector, are still extremely committed to the survival within the duality of their own consciousness, where there is no unconditional love or Christlike love, just logic and political issues generated by the very psychic and emotional biodiversity of their civilizations that somehow form part of an unstable union in the political and technological power of this galaxy and other neighboring galaxies.

To be continued …


Stay in the peace of your heart,


Rodrigo Romo

October 10, 2016 Brazil


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